Unsolicited Testimonials.
"It is the best I have seen by far. Anyone beginning stained glass work should have it as part of their essential equipment to start." Bob Smith - New Jersey.

"It is written by a person who knows technique from working on serious projects, who knows shortcuts and where some things wouldn't work, and also he is an artist and a designer. It gives a sense of real work and real world situations." -- Sasha Zhitneva - Pennsylvania   http://www.szd.net

"An excellent example of how a "how to" book should be done. Complete with video instructional downloads, he can "show AND tell" how to perform each step. One of the best things I liked about the book was its concise nature in explanations. He puts things into words which I have trouble explaining to my students and prefer to demonstrate or show it to them. -- Angel Hall - Colorado  http://stainedglasshall.com

"I tell my students everything I teach they will find in the book, and the bits I've overlooked will be in there too!" -- Stefanie Mann - New Zealand

"From a teaching perspective, the book is wonderful. In class you dont always remember or have time to go over everything and I like to have something for my students to reference when they are out of class." -- Jacqui Bush - Texas. http://stainedglassofmckinney.com

"Very detailed and visually informative. Great selection of projects with very clear instructions. I tried to find something to be critical about the handbook but couldn't find a thing I didnt like. Sorry!" -- Nancy Zettel (proof-reader) - California

"I have been thumbing through the book and it is just what I needed. I had also been wanting to build a storage rack for my glass. Your tips on doing that are very welcomed. " -- Linda Chase - Texas
by Sam Halstead
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The Stained Glass Handbook, Fourth Edition (2020)

- Glass-cutting and breaking techniques.
- Lead window construction.
- Copper foil techniques.
- Lists and descriptions of all tools and materials.
- Seven sample projects with detailed instructions.
- Over 150 photographs and diagrams.
- How to restore damaged leaded windows.
- Design considerations for stained glass.
- Stained glass design software.
- Photographing stained glass.
- 135 packed pages