PC -
RIGHT-click on the link above and choose "Save Link As..." or "Save Link Target as..".

Mac - Ctrl-click on the link above and choose "Download File to Disk"

Save the file to your Desktop or choose a destination folder on your computer that you can find easily. You will be able to continue using the internet while the file downloads in the background.

(If you do use the left mouse button on a PC, the book will load into your browser and you can save it from there once it has fully downloaded. Choose the Save command from the File Menu or click on the Save icon on the Adobe Menu bar - it is shaped like a floppy disk).

Note: The download file is 4mb. It will take a few seconds to download over cable/DSL links and a few minutes over a dial-up modem.
NOTE: The Stained Glass Handbook is in PDF format and is PC and MAC compatible. If you dont already have the free Adobe Reader you can download the latest version from here.